Poststructuralist Critique

Here is my Poststructuralist Critique draft

As the end of the year grew near, I discovered that I was really going to enjoy writing this essay. Although I was not too familiar with Judith Butler and her work, I was very familiar with the conflicts of gender and gender equality in literature.

Judith Butler, who I’ve come to really enjoy, believes that all issues of gender in society began when we allowed men to dominate and take authority over females and other genders. This concept is logical as male domination within society is seen not only through Hamlet but also within our society as humans.

In reading the play itself, I immediately discovered that Ophelia, Gertrude, and Hamlet all suffer from these gender inequalities and standards. Ophelia and Gertrude are constantly subjected to the men around them. Hamlet on the other hand, suffers from the male standard that one must act like a man or risk being “womanly” or “cowardly.” These standards are very familiar to the ones that are seen within our society.

My first draft needed help through peer review. I became very passionate about writing this piece so I ended up just throwing words on the page without considering organization or logistics. This feedback provided by my professor along with the peer review feedback allowed me to better organize my claims to make a coherent essay. This essay was my favorite to write as it includes topics that I am very passionate about. It was a neat experience connecting my thoughts on something that I personally care about to ideas portrayed within Hamlet. 

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