Historical Contextualization

Here is my historical contextualization essay draft.

Writing on historical contextualization is something I have wanted to improve on as a writer. I find that I am less intrigued by the historical context of the piece in comparison to the actual story. Needless to say, I struggled in writing this essay.

There were two articles, though, that stuck out to me in this until. One of them was a piece written by Marjorie Garber about dress codes in the Elizabethan era. She talked about how men were able to dress how they wanted to while women were held to strict dress codes. This ultimately resulted in women not being able to act in the theatre while men were called on to act the roles of women. The other article I looked at was written by Jack Goody. His piece talked about the value of women and how women were viewed as worthless unless with a husband. The only opportunities for them to own property was if it was inherited from their husband. During this time period, a persons class and role in society was parallel with the property they owned. This meant that since women were unable to own their own property or not as much as their male counterpart, women were ultimately worth less in comparison to men. These unfair societal norms that women faced sparked a connection to The Tempest. I did not know how I wanted to present my argument but I knew that I wanted to use these sources as evidence.

The relationship between Prospero and Miranda could be easily connected to this evidence as Prospero would represent the male race and Miranda would represent the female race. In order to start my writing process, I needed to find the right contextual evidence to match up with my sources. I did this in looking at all of the dialogue between Prospero and Miranda and then choosing the most appropriate context to use.

This essay is easily relatable to my previous essay because both discuss the manipulative character of Prospero. As stated numerous times within my first essay, he is a power-hungry character that will do anything to gain the control he desires. This second essay narrows down an example of this, specifically focusing in on Miranda. In using This feedback written by my professor, I was able to better narrow down the points I wanted to make about Prospero.

This essay was more difficult for me to write as I struggle using historical contextualization within papers. After completing this process, I feel much more confident in my abilities to write a piece similar to this one as I now know the important aspects that go into a historical contextualization essay.


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