Process Portfolio

My writing process has definitely evolved and improved in taking this course. Initially, I would write down as many words on a page as I could, have it peer reviewed, and then struggle to better organize my thoughts on a paper that has been written. After having learned that this process does not always work, (and usually does not go over well) I began changing my ways of writing. I learned the importance of organization and clarity within your thoughts rather than spewing words down.

I believe that Dr. Scheler’s “no page limit” helped me to write more in my own ways. I was never stressed about how long my paper had to be. This allowed me to write as much as I needed to in order to get my points across and to back up my claims with evidence and reasoning.

In choosing the essays within my presentation portfolio, I wanted to display my best writing as well as my most improved writing. Below are links that will direct you to each of my essays within my process portfolio. There, you will be able to see how my writing has improved, thoughts I had in the writing process, as well as other thoughts I had on the focus topic for each unit.

Please enjoy viewing and understanding how my skills as a writer have changed throughout the course of English 305.

Close Reading

Historical Contextualization

Critical Conversation


Social Critique