Presentation Portfolio

Hello and welcome to my Presentation Portfolio.

My site includes six essays that I have written throughout the course of the semester. You can find those within my Process Portfolio Here, you will be able to see the four essays I have fine tuned in order to accurately display my writing. Each essay is presented on either Shakespeare’s the Tempest or on Hamlet. A commonality I had within the process of writing each of these pieces was understanding the work itself as well as connecting outside opinions to opinions of my own. Because of this, I needed to better understand what the author was portraying in each of their articles. I was able to do this through class discussion as well as closely reading each of their works and connecting their ideas to ideas of my own. I found that when an author shared an idea with a thought of my own, I had a better time understanding what is being explained.

My first essay is my Close Reading Essay. This piece displays an example of a power struggle through the character Prospero within the Tempest. Prospero is known for manipulating those around him in order to make himself seem as though he has power over all others. Miranda, Ariel, and Caliban are all characters I chose to analyze to help better display Prospero’s manipulative actions.

My second essay is my Historical Contextualization Essay. Here, I looked to analyze life the life of a woman under a male dominant society. I used thoughts from Marjorie Garber as well as Jack Goodie to help support my analysis. This paper narrows in on the relationship between Miranda and Prospero from the Tempest to support my claims.

My Psychoanalytic Critique Essay is one that I learned a lot from writing. Within this essay, I used Freud’s ideas on mourning and melancholia to better understand Hamlet’s current state of depression within Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

The final essay I have chosen to display is my Post Structuralist Critique Essay. This essay looks at gender inequalities that are displayed within Hamlet. Although it can be easily found that women within Hamlet struggle to have equal rights as men, it was interesting to find that men within the play also struggle to live up to the strict male standards within the Shakespearean time period. This essay more closely looks at inequalities displayed from Ophelia, Gertrude, and Hamlet.