Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Erica Kalberer. As a sophomore at St. Norbert college, I took a course called Literary Theory and Writing. On this site, you will find work that I have completed as well as my process of writing different pieces.

My writing has grown and changed over the course of my four years at SNC. I have learned to find my voice as a writer and have discovered how to partner that voice with the voice of other writers. I have also learned how to speak, within my writing, with a more sophisticated tone. As I causally write for my personal blog, I intend to make my tone more humorous. Within this portfolio though, finding my professional voice is something that I will continue to work towards.

I have also worked towards writing on subjects I have had no prior experience writing about. The psychoanalytic critique along with the critical contextualization were the two I struggled with the most. Unsure if it was the end of the semester paper pile up or these topics were just plainly new to me, I had a more difficult time than normal.

Although I there are many elements to writing that will continue to evolve as my writing continues to mature, I have grown very comfortable with integrating the work of others into work of my own. I have enjoyed incorporating work from Judith Butler, Sigmund Freud, and many others not only because I had to but also because their ideas are similar to my own ideas and opinions.

English 305 with Dr. Scheler is a course that has cultivated my writing skills in ways that have never been done before. Now that this class is completed, I feel as though I have graduated from one level as a writer and moved on to another. The tangible skills that have been learned throughout this course are some that will continue to foster my growth as a writer throughout my career.