ENGL 307: Fiction Workshop

This scene was written on October 16th, 2018 for ENGL 307: Fiction Workshop, taught by Dr. Laurie MacDiarmid. This scene depicts the events that took place in the morning on the main character, Jack’s, first day of school. In this scene, you meet Jack’s mom as well as his best friend, Michael. The two boys engage in silly banter while reflecting on what they think high school is really going to be like.

Scene 1:

“Jack, wake up! It’s time for school! I’m not gonna holler at you anymore, you’re already 10 minutes late.”

I grunted and looked at my watch. My mother was right. My watch read “7:10 a.m.” which meant I now only had 20 minutes to get up and get ready for school. Today is unlike any other first days, it is the first day of high school. The first day of four years at North High School. And the first day of many late mornings. I rolled out of bed and waltzed over to the bathroom. “Comb teeth, brush hair… wait, no. Damn today is going to be long,” I thought to myself. After my teeth were combed and my hair had been brushed, I was down to 10 minutes. In that time, I needed to find some cleanish clothes to wear and inhale a bowl of cereal before my mom can take her infamous “first day of school and maybe a Christmas card moment photo.” 

“For the love of all things! You’re going to be late for your first day, dude!”

“Mom for the billionth time, I’m almost ready.” I put on my favorite red t-shirt with Levi 501 jeans, threw on a pair of sneakers and headed out the door. Well, I of course was stopped by my mother who had a miniature photoshoot on our front porch for all our neighbors to see. And just as I thought maybe it was too early in the morning for anyone to see the preview shoot for “Vogue: Pubescent Boy Edition,” my best friend Michael biked by.

“Oooo-wee! You’re lookin’ like a three course meal in those first day shots!” Mike shouted. “Good morning Mrs. Mitchell.”

“Oh good morning, Mike. I hope you have a lovely first day of high school. You boys better get going before you’re late. Tell you mother I say hello.” My mother replied. 

“Just go and never look back,” I said to Mike as I got on my bike. “Dude it may be the first day but I’m already over it.”

“Aw man don’t think like that. I watched a ton of high school movies over the summer. It just gonna be a bunch of hot girls and food fights.” Mike was really doing his best to be convincing. I looked at him absolutely dumbfounded. 

“Mike… you can’t be serious. You know that’s not how high school is. Plus, girls aren’t about to fawn over two twigs that run cross country.” 

“Jack man, I just think you have a bad attitude, you’ll see.” 

As we got closer and closer to school, we could see tons of teenagers all migrating in the same direction. Most of them are on foot but many of them are driving cars. Two cars raced by us and we could hear loud music and laughter coming out from the windows. 

“Damn Jack, I can’t wait until we can drive. Just think about it, we’ll be able to ditch these shitty bikes in a matter of years.”

“Yeah.” I said back. “What’s your first class today anyways?”

“American History with Mr. Smith. How about you?” 

“I’ve got English with… well I can’t remember who.”

“Oh shit man. You’re in for a treat if you have Mr. Duncan. I heard that only like four kids pass his class each semester. Plus, if you’re ever late, you get downgraded. I would just make sure you’re off your bullshit this semester if you end up with him.” Mike said. 

We locked up our bikes and headed towards the school. Inside were long, poorly lit hallways that were lined with red lockers. I looked at my watch and it read “7:57 a.m.” “Shit,” I said as I realized I didn’t have enough time to even look for my locker. I meandered through the hallways looking for my room number. Room 231 to be exact. As I made it to the 220’s, the first bell rang. “Shit,” I said again. I quickly walked until I found room 231. The door was closed. The window on the door was covered up with a big red sign that read “Tardiness is Inexcusable in Mr. Duncan’s Classroom.” I looked down at my schedule to make sure I was in the right place. I was. “Shit,” I said to myself as I sighed and walked in.