Hello and welcome to learning more about the author behind this portfolio website!

My name is Erica Kalberer and I have recently graduated from St. Norbert College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Media Studies. I am originally from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, just a short 10 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee.

Growing up, I hated reading. It took a lot of convincing from my parents to get me to pick up a book. Despite this, I loved to write. Writing is something I have always felt I can do when I want to escape into a world of my own. There are no limits to what I can write about. As a child, this gave me freedom to be and to do whatever I wanted.

I have been a swimmer my entire life. I swam varsity all four years at Wauwatosa East High school. As a child, I loved writing stories about races I have swam or stories about different sea creatures I would encounter during a meet. The sport of swimming was able to join me in my world of writing.

I am also a summer camp counselor at Camp Minikani. Here, I spend 8 weeks with 8 different groups of kids ages anywhere from 5 to 13. This camp is your typical summer camp. We are located on the beautiful Lake Amy Belle. I remember as a camper writing stories during rest period about different fish I saw during sailing, the life of bugs that live in the mud pits, or fairies that dance around the woods when our cabin was on a campout. I loved incorporating camp life into my stories because the possibilities of plot lines are truly endless at summer camp.

My story writing took a pause as I began to enter my adult life. It has since picked back up on a blog I have started since working at the SNC Tech Bar. Although these blog posts are more silly than serious, they give me a good reason to find inspiration in the world around me. Check out for more of my causal writing.

Although it is difficult to see through this portfolio, I am a true goofball at heart. I find humor to be the most important aspect in truly anything. I strive to make people laugh and smile in every situation. I am a true extrovert and find that as I continue to grow up, my comfort zone also continues to grow. I live for thrills, giggles, and spontaneity. I look forward to growing more and more as a person as I continue my career at St. Norbert College.