Hello and welcome to my Literary Theory and Writing portfolio!

On this site, you will be able to see the experiences I had as a writer as I moved through the semester in English 305. You will find essays I have written based on Shakespeare’s the Tempest and Hamlet.

Within my Introduction, you will learn a little more about my experiences in taking English 305 with Dr. Scheler, how my writing has evolved from the beginning of the semester to the end, and what key writing element I found I most improved on as a writer.

My Biography will tell you a little bit more about me as a human being rather than just a writer. You will find where I am from, what I like to do outside of English 305, as well as another place to keep up with my life.

There are six different essays displayed within my Process Portfolio that will allow you to see the processes I went through in writing for this course. Each essay allows you to see my first draft of an essay, comments made by my peers, and feedback given to me by Dr. Scheler, himself. Each of these elements helped me to fine tune my essays into final drafts.

Four of those final drafts are shown within my Presentation Portfolio. These are the essays I had worked especially hard on and wanted to allow the world to see. Each essay is composed of a critique I made as a writer that included ideas from other authors. These essays are some that I am very proud of and feel as though they accurately display my writing style.

In clicking through my site, you will see the progress I have made as a writer. Starting with the process portfolio and ending with my four essays in my presentation portfolio, you will better understand the impacts that have been made as a writer in taking Literary Theory and Writing at Saint Norbert College.


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